Tutorial 3

This is our third tutorial. This tutorial is written by @badsp_thn for our instagram page BNA SERIES! Here you’ll find other tutorials we have written for you: Tut1, Tut2


Original Pic by @cecillu_sfx
Edited by @badsp_thn

Applications used:

Detail edition process:

1.SNAPSEED: Load Pic! Detail: Structure 100%, Apply. And do it again once Detail: Structure 50% not more than 50% or your pic will be pixelated. Apply. Save

2.SNAPSEED: Load Saved with Snapseed . Add Drama: Style: Drama2. Apply and save

3.iCameraHDR: Load The first saved pic fron Snapseed, and merge it with the second saved image from Snapseed! select Tone Balancer. Strength: 90, Local Light: 50, Brightness: -10 and Save!

4.FilterStorm: Load pic saved in iCameraHDR Filters: Curves: Blending Mode: Multiply and click Brush. Brush setting, Diameter: 75, Softness: 100, Opacity: 25 and then brush at the main object eg: car, front window. and then save

5.PhotoForge2: Load pic saved from filterstorm FX: Dreamy +45 and save

6.PhotoFX: Load pic from Photoforge2 Light: Relight. Brightness: 30, Blur: 0, Displacement: 0. Apply and save to

7.SNAPSEED:Load Pic from PhotoFX Tone Image: Brightness: 20, Saturation: -30, White Balance: 25. Save and Done.

8. KYOOBIK: Open image saved from Snapseed and hit style, chose kyoobert3D. Pick the style you like. Save

9.BLENDER: Open Pic saved from Kyoobik as BG, Add Pic saved from Snapseed, remove everything exept the vare! Save

10. ToonCamera: Open image from Blender, and find the toon style you like! Save!

11. PHONTO:Open image from ToonCamera and add your watermark/text! Save!

12. SQUAREADY: Open Pic from Phonto, and post to Ig!

That was all! Enjoy!

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